Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

When purchasing your new Electric Vehicle, you will need to consider the installation of a home or office charging station. EV Home Charging provides the largest network of locally-based accredited charger installers for a FREE no-obligation site assessment and installation quotation.

EAA with its sister company EV Home Charging provide you with access to a national network of accredited vehicle charger installers

Standard 240V (Power Point) charging can take up to 18 hours, but by installing a dedicated charge station you can reduce charge times down to 3 hours

EV Home Charging is a network of locally-based technicians, so whether you are based in Adelaide or Albury, Brisbane, or Bathurst, we have fully qualified technicians servicing your region.

For a FREE no-obligation site assessment of your home or office, visit www.evhomecharging.com.au

Our onsite technician is available to answer all your questions, make recommendations and provide you with a competitive quotation for the installation of a new charger

Feel free to call us on 1300 414 011 or visit www.evhomecharging.com.au.