Residential Lighting

No matter how many lights you have in your home, get them ALL upgraded to LED for a total cost of just $33!

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Towns and Suburbs are grouped by confirmed install numbers to provide our electricians with enough work for the day in your local area, so feel free to tell your neighbours about this offering, which will assist with getting your upgrade a lot sooner.

What can I get for just $33?

No matter how many of the following lights you have in the home,

  • Light Bulbs
  • Down Light (globes only)
  • Outdoor spotlights

You can get all the above fully installed for just $33.


You can replace your old downlight fittings with a brand new TRI Colour fitting from just $15 each supplied and installed and as a bonus, we will upgrade all other lights in the home for FREE.

The New South Wales (Energy Saver Scheme) provides substantial financial incentives to assist households with reducing their energy costs by way of making their homes more energy-efficient. Lighting technology has come a long way over the years with a major contributor being just how much energy it takes to keep the lights on.

By replacing your old Halogen and incandescent lights to LED you could be reducing the cost to light up your home by up to 70%.

Support Local

As this is a government-sponsored scheme, we only use fully licensed LOCAL ELECTRICIANS to install all the new lighting and remove and recycle all the old lights. All new products installed have been certified and passed to participate within the scheme.

Why is LED Lighting
cheaper to run?

LED does not require the same amount of energy (measured in watts) to operate.