Solar Power

Solar Power

EAA with its sister company Excess Energy offer a unique solar solution for landlords and their tenants.

The solution comes fully funded Zero Dollar capital outlay with NO liability OR commitment to purchase the system, should the tenant look to move OR the landlord look to sell.

Tenants are invited to purchase the energy generated at in most cases close to half the cost of standard grid rates via a simple energy retail contract with NO fixed term or lock in! This is a revolutionary way for landlords to offer cheap energy to existing and potential new tenants without the need to enter into a purchase agreement for the solar system!

As for the tenant they can either opt into the retail energy offering that will supply discounted daily rates OR they can choose NOT to utilise the generated energy and get their supply from any other retailers.


Feel free to call us on 1300 414 011 or visit www.excessenergy.com.au

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